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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Signs, Signs everywhere are Signs

Today we finally got to pass out our gum. Allison, Heidi and I all had opportunity to do this project last year, but it was a first for Missy and Emily. They were a little nervous about being rejected, but we saw God bless. There were no bad encounters. We gave out 500 packs of gum in 30 min. It was crazy. We also gave out a card that told about Mosaic Manhattan with the gum. Later, we came back to the Mosaic office to continue the preparation for the Summer Spectacular camp. Allison, Heidi, Emily and Missy have been making FABULOUS signs for the camp all day. Those ladies have done an amazing job. I think their fingers are cramping from all of the cutting and pasting they have done today. I have spent my afternoon calling all of the parents to thank them for sending their children to camp and giving them an update on pre-camp activities. I have also been helping Jael, the children's minister, with organization of teams and other organizational responsibilities. It has been a great day. Tonight we will worship at the Brooklyn Tabernacle. Some of you know that last year when we went to the Brooklyn Tabernacle God blessed us with a a divine encounter where we met a very special friend Cindi and her friend Joanna. Tonight Joanna will have dinner with us an escort us to church. Please pray for Cindi. She can't go with us because of a night class. She has a very big presentation due and is feeling the pressure. Thank you for your prayers and keeping up with us through this blog. We praise God He has fixed our technical difficulities. God Bless!


Anonymous Jennifer J said...

Wow,I am the first to comment today. I am glad that things are going well. Celeste, are you glad that you went through all of that for the gum? I hope that things will continue as they are going. Keep the updates coming.

July 18, 2006 2:50 PM  
Blogger jackie said...

sign makers, you are indeed highly qualified for such and you have recent experience! you never know how God will use those "everyday skills" to do Kingdom work. missy and em-, i thank God for your positive experience in the gum project-He is faithful in ALL things! c- keep up the good work! i can see your smile from here!

July 18, 2006 8:22 PM  

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