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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Gum, God and Grace

Maridell mentioned in her comment today that she would like to see some pictures. Because of the technical difficulties we have had, I have been unable to post photos. I will post them Saturday so be sure to check out the blog. Yesterday we gave out 1000 packs of gum in about an hour and a half. We stood outside of City Hall Park and offered free gum to everyone who passed by. Once again, several were a little apprehensive, but we saw how God uses us when we are weak. Missy met a lady named Betty who was an Indian Christian. She had two children with her and she is looking for a church home. She gave Missy her name and phone number and asked that someone from the church call her. Another interesting thing about giving out the gum was that people would walk toward me with a scowled face, but when I spoke to them and offered the gum it really seemed to brighten their day. Those random acts of kindness may make a difference for the Kingdom of God. Yesterday Heidi, Allison and I got to have lunch with our friend Cindi from the Brooklyn Tabernacle. It was so great to see her. I hope our time with her brought her encouragement. It was a true blessing for us. We are hoping to see Cindi and JoAnna tomorrow night. This morning we have had to divide and conquer to finish up our tasks since today is our last day of work with Mosaic. Tomorrow we will have a free day in the City and fly home Saturday. Missy, Emily and Allison braved the subway system to travel around the city to get supplies for the camp. Missy was saying how we have this misconspection that people in the City are always in a rush. She said the truth is you can't be in a rush. It took them two hours to go to 3 stores. She said in Mississippi was are spoiled to our one stop shopping a.k.a Wal-Mart. Heidi went with Jael to the school where camp will be held. They had to run errands. I stayed at the office and sent out personalized emails to 50 parents about the camp. For about 30 min. I was the only one in the office and for a brief moment thought I was a New Yorker. I said a BREIF moment! Then I got back out of the street and was once again reminded I missed the peace and quiet of home. They are doing construction outside out building and the noise can be overwhelming at times. One last thing, I think I forgot to mention that the Mosaic office is across the street from the World Trade Center site. We are one block from St. Paul's Church that was used as a relief shelter during the 911 tradgedy. Yesterday during lunch we walked through the church and the cemetary and were just reminded of the tremendous suffering that the people of NYC suffered that day! We will be prayer walking after lunch. Please help us pray for the people of NYC!


Anonymous Jennifer J said...

Thank you so much for writing that long note! It is wonderful to be reminded how God can use small things like gum to make a BIG difference in a person's life. I really wish that I could be there with all of you. I know what the other girls mean about it not being a rat race. It took us an hour or more to go 20 miles in LA. We miss you and look forward to your safe return to MS. I hope that you are able to really enjoy your free day tomorrow! Tell Heidi ,"Hello" for me!

July 20, 2006 12:17 PM  
Anonymous Carley said...

Wow... 1000 packs of gum amazing!! Sounds like you have each been used in your the areas that God has gifted you and given you special talent and abilities!! He is so very good!! Sounds like He's taken care of lots of details this week! He is faithful!!!
Trusting Him,

July 20, 2006 9:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It has been a joy to intercede to our Father on your behalf this week and I cannot wait to hear all about your experience! You gals are awesome for serving the Lord in the way that you are and may you continue to think of what He has taught you on this trip!
Much love,
Ellen in Canada

July 21, 2006 10:46 PM  

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