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Friday, July 07, 2006

Big Apple Here We Come

The time to go to New York will soon be here. Our trip will be Saturday, July 15-Saturday, July 22. God is at work and we are so blessed that He is allowing us the opportunity to be involved. We will once again work with Mosaic Manhattan Church, but some of our duties will be different from last year. (You can read posts for the 2005 NYC Mission Trip on this site) This year most of our time will be used to help prepare for the summer day camp sponsored by Mosaic. It is their version of Vacation Bible School. Recently in the Morrison Heights Good News newsletter, Mrs. Rita Anderson highlighted that our team is made up of all women. She reminded everyone that God has a plan for this team. Mrs. Rita is right because God does have a plan. Our team is made up of all women, but these women are gifted specifically for the task at hand. We have 2 teachers, an artist, a college administrator who organizes special events/activities and a public relations practitioner. All of these women love the Lord and are excited about using their gifts and talents for this trip. Other things we will be doing will include servant evangelism and prayer walking. The servant evangelism is an opportunity for us to do random acts of kindness in an effort to open doors for an opportunities to share the gospel and encourage people we me on the street. It is also an opportunity for us to spread the word about Mosaic Manhattan Church. This church rents a public school building to meet in and has no signs or ways to publicize on the street. So we do it for them by meeting people face to face. It can be challenging because some people will keep walking when you try to talk to them and others will take the packs of gum we offer and then throw down the Mosaic card. Still, we press on! Last year during our prayer walks we encountered many interesting people. Some of whom let us pray with them. We walked the streets and prayed for the people there that God would open their hearts to receive His truth. Of course we need you all to pray for us. We want to be focused and effective and only God can equip us. The following are prayer requests we have as a team: Pray that we will be effective in assisting Mosaic Manhattan prepare for their week-long summer camp (their version of VBS) Pray for us as we encounter all types of people during our servant evangelism most of whom do not know Jesus Christ. Last year it was during this time we found several believers who needed encouragement. Pray for good health, strength, endurance and safety as we walk lots of miles. Pray that God will be glorified through this team and that we will not be distracted by our personal issues. I will be posting pictures and information on the blog while we are in NYC. Be sure to check us out. We want you to send us messages. It is such an encouragement for us to know you are supporting us. Thank you!


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