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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Take me out to the ball game...

Plans for the NYC Mission trip are rocking along. God has blessed and things are coming together beautifully. God is so GOOD! We recently found out that a friend may be able to get us tickets to go see the Mets our last night in NYC. Wouldn't that be fun!!! I hope it works out. The other girls going on the trip were happy for the opportunity, but weren't nearly as excited about the game as me. I got VERY excited when I found out the Mets were playing the Astros. Andy Pettitte pitches for the Astros and he is an amazing Christian man. If I were to be completely honest...He's really good-looking too. I am VERY sure his lovely wife thinks so too! :) He also has co-written a book titled Strike Zone: Targeting a Life of Integrity and Purity. I really appreciate Doug trying to work this out for us. It will be a fun experience. I also found out from my friend Doug that Chad Bradford, Mets pitcher, is from Jackson. He played college ball at Southern Miss. It would be cool if he was pitching that night too.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Paint the Town Update

A good friend of mine Mrs. Reva Daniel is a trustee with the North American Mission Board. The trustees recently toured NYC and one of the sites they visited was Joseph Wade Middle School where we worked for one day last year during our mission trip. The school is in the Bronx and was in need of repair. Feautured in the article was our friend Blanche. We loved Blanche and she loved all the volunteers. She loved us so much she shared her prize Derek Jeter jersey with us. We all got to cut a tiny piece off so that we could remember her and she could remember us. Check out the article Look closely, Mrs. Reva is standing up front in the photo.

NYC Here We Come

I have recently gotten back into blogging mode. A friend sarcastically suggested I post some time this year. So here it goes...Well, friends it is back to NYC. As you will see as you peruse my blog last year I lead a team to work with Mosaic Manhattan for a week last summer. It was a great experience. I had not planned on being the team leader this year for all kinds of reason, but apparently the Lord had other plans. So, here I am team leader again. It has been amazing already to see how the Lord is working out all the details. I am not nearly as nervous about leading this year as I was last year. I guess that's what experience does to ya. Our team is a little smaller this year and so far it's all ladies. Gentlemen...You are missing out! LOL Please keep us and Mosaic Manhattan in your prayers. The children's minister at the church has had serious health issues. She is coordinating their summer camp and we will be working with her to prepare for camp because it will take place the week after we are there. There is so much to do to get ready, but it is all coming together. I will keep you updated. I PROMISE!