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Friday, July 29, 2005

Joseph Wade Jr. High School - Bronx, NY

(Pic #1-the mural was done by a team from TN. If you look in the far left corner you will notice they included a cross. Pic #2 Andi, BSU Summer missionary from Itawamba CC, Celeste & Heidi) We only participated in the Paint the Town project for one day, but several other teams had been working there all week. Our job was to help finish painting doors. As you can see from this mural the other teams made tremendous investments in this school. I know there is still time to be involved in the Paint the Town project. Here's more info: Working in one school in Harlem, two on Long Island and six in the Bronx, volunteers moved furniture, scraped walls, taped windows and trim, and began applying shades of blue, yellow and red to the walls, some of which haven't been painted in decades. (Read the full story.) There's still time for you to be part of Paint the Town, and spaces are open for Summer 2006. For more information, contact Sandra Mallory at 1-800-291-3692 ext. 35 or Download the Paint the Town video here. Download Windows Media Player if you don't have it. Ready to come? Here are the steps to follow.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Mr. Bull

Mr. Bull...we never found out his real name. He was a security guard that fell in love with us and I have to admit we loved him too. I think he may have just needed a friend or two that day. He was a great help to us. We found out he had lived in Mississippi for a while and knew exactly where Morrison Heights BC is located. It was nice to find home folks. Pray for Mr. Bull's salvation.

Wow....real tea...well kinda

Well, it took me a week, but I finally got some "real" tea. It wasn't sweet tea, but that's okay. I was just thankful it was iced!!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Anyone Need a Friend

(Pictures top to bottom #1 Mark with our friend Michael who is a new believer, #2 Celeste with our friend Antonio a.k.a Flava Flave who is a construction worker, & #3 Heidi with our friend Cindi from The Brooklyn Tabernacle.)Friends our theme for this week was "Open the Eyes of My Heart". God has truly opened my eyes and that of our team to the need to take time and really "see what you're looking at". You know there are so many people in NYC and Clinton, MS for that matter that we need to see. We need to see!! We need to smile at them, help them, share with them or do what ever the Holy Spirit leads us to do for them all in the name of Jesus Christ! We have been so blessed by the relationships we have built this week even in a city of 10 million people. On Sunday we met one of the Mosaic Manhattan members seving in the children's ministry. His name is Dano and he and his wife have 6 children. They commute from Brooklyn to attend church at Mosaic Manhattan. He was such a kind and servant-hearted man. Remember that was Sunday, but yesterday (Fri.) we ran into him in front of Macy's. He was on his way to a business meeting. We were able to thank him for Sunday and encourage him in his ministry. Also, a precious young woman we met on Tuesday at The Brooklyn Tabernacle named Cindi met us for lunch yesterday. She spent the day with us and was a cource of encouragement to us for us. I hope we were an encouragement to her as well. It amazing how God cares about all of life's details and how He orchestrates them all to bring glory to Himself! We are leaving for the airport as soon as I finish this blog. Our flight is at 11:00 Eastern time. We will be home soon and can't wait to share more of God's great work with you! THANKS!

Friday, July 22, 2005


This is Josh.....Today one of our stops was to Lady Liberty. While on the island, we ran into tons of people. I thought it was really neat to see the diversity of people that were there to see our main symbol of freedom in the USA. Heidi had mentioned that while at the Empire State Building she heard many different languages and english was not the main one. I noticed this on Liberty Island as well.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

We Painted the Town

Today was a great day!!! We went up to the Bronx and helped in an effort through the North American Mission Board and New Hope New York called "Paint the Town". This project is where Baptist volunteers come to NYC and give their time to help paint and improve public school facilities. We were at PS 117 (public school). The principal is a believer, but her associate Blanche is not. Blanche shared with us today about how she has been so moved by the work done and that she admired us for our faith. She then said that she didn't have that same faith. Blanche was hilarious. She is a HUGE New York Yankees fan and even has season tickets. Right after 911 she bought an authentic Derek Jetter jersey for $400. She said, "Next to the cat and the man I live with this is my most prized possession." Because she has been so touched by the efforts of Southern Baptists in her school she brought the jersey and asked everyone to sign it and snip off a little piece to take home to remember them by. Please pray for for Blanche's salvation. Also pray for the 1000 children that will flood this school in just a few weeks. I met some of them on the playground today and it just broke my heart. One little girl named Sondra and I had time to visit. She admited to me that she didn't know who Jesus was and that she had never been to church. She was one of 9 children and they all live with their parents in a tiny apartment. Pray for this family as well that they will come to know Christ and that they will have their physical needs met as well.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Be very careful what you ask for...

Well, friends I have always heard that you never order sweet tea outside of the South. So therefore at lunch I ordered an unsweet tea. This is what I got! It was only 1000 degrees outside. This wasn't the refreshment I was looking forward to. We all got a big laugh. I hope you do too!

The Walls Came Tumbling Down!!!!

Hey this is Josh....Blogger extrordinaire.....NOT! Well today was a day about walls being torn down. I had built up some personal walls of my own which were torn down by the magnificent power of the Holy Spirit that we experienced at the Brooklyn Tabernacle on Tuesday night. Throughout the whole day on Wednesday we all came in contact with numerous people that we had met the previous day that had put up walls against us. One guy named Patrick that Mark had talked to was kind of stand-offish yesterday but when we went back today to hand them all(construction guys) a goody bag Patrick's demeanor was totally different. He was all excited about us making a special effort to come see them and show them that we cared. We had prayed the night before that God would break down the barriers with the people we came in contact with, which would allow for relationship building which definitely happened today. Thanks for the prayers and support, the devotional today really hit home with what happened. It just goes to show us how truly awesome and in control God really is. Thank you Bill Jones' Sunday school class for the uplifting devotions that are being worked out daily in NYC.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

God is Good All the Time & All the Time God is Good!

Well, we have hit the halfway mark and God has been so good. Today, we hauled and I do mean HAULED a ton of supplies on our backs to be used in servant evangelism. We looked like pack mules with the our backs loaded and headed to the Subway station. We all may need a chiropractor appointment next week. :) We had a very successful day handing out our granola bars, doorman bags and gum. Most everyone has been very appreciative of the gifts and those who didn't want what we had to offer were polite about it. During our prayer walk Mark met a Brazilian young man who isn't a believer. He is in America for the first time and is traveling alone for 3 weeks. His name is Hafeal and he has recently graduated from college. Also, tonight we went to the weekly prayer service at the Brooklyn Tabernacle. They open the doors at 5 and service starts at 7. People were arriving during the time from 5-7 just to pray and get ready for the service at 7. It was so moving. God's hand was on that place and He used the service to encourage and strengthen all of us. We all have some many stories to tell about the Brooklyn Tabernacle, but it would take me all night to write them. Make sure to take the time to ask each team member when you see them about their experience. One thing I did want to share with you about our experience was about two ladies, Cindi and JoAnna. As we made our way to the Brooklyn Tabernacle, I was somewhat concerned about us getting back to Manhattan safely, but I kept that worried thought to myself. When we got to the Brooklyn Tabernacle this sweet lady found us. She came up to me and told me that she wasn't a greeter, but felt compelled to come over and say welcome. She stood and talked for a while and then introduced us to her friend. They invited us into the worship center and gave us a seat up close and personal. NO back row Baptist's tonight! After the service I asked JoAnna what Subway train we should take to get back. She tried to tell me, but then she volunteered to take us to the station. Cindi graciously road the train with us to our stop in Manhattan. Remember at this point we still needed to find our way to the WTC station so that we can get back to NJ. When we get off the train and came up to the street we look across thinking we were going to have to walk several blocks only to find the WTC station across the street. These ladies are precious and need us to pray for them as they try to be lights in a very dark world. One works for stockbrokers and one works with at NYU. I better get some sleep. I will up date you asap. Thanks again you prayers have truly been felts and are appreciated more than I can express through this blog. You are loved!

Sore Feet but Happy Hearts

We have walked and walked and walked some more and boy do our feet hurt, but praise God that He has filled our hearts with love and joy and for the people of NYC. We had opportunities to share the gospel with several people and even pray with them on the street. They welcomed us. Today we will distribute some of the doorman bags. Pray for our health and staminia. It is hot hot hot hear! I will post pictures and details about specific prayer requests tonight. Thanks for praying!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

"It's all under control" Love, God!

Diane and Mark finally made it to NYC today. They encountered thunderstorms just like we did yesterday. Their tax driver got lost getting them to the hotel and it took 2 hrs to go 20 miles, but God showed us He knows exactly what to do. At the train station they met a believer named John (pictured left with Diane). He volunteered to tour them around NYC. Diane was afraid he was a mugger at first, but he was such a blessing! :) Heidi and Ashley had the opportunity to share with Marvin. He is a traditional Jew and was familiar with the Hebrew Scriptures. He isn't a believer in Jesus Christ was but he was very open to hearing Heidi share what she believed. He told Heidi she was a good teacher because she would answer his questions. He also said he knows a Jew for Jesus, but he thought she was lying to him. Others to pray for that we met along the way: "The Bull" a security guard at the US Customs Building. He used to live in Mississippi. He isn't a believer. "Paris" a young French girl with a lay over in NYC before going to Peru. "Coffee Lady" that Josh and Ashley met at Starbucks. She wasn't a believer, but open to their random act of kindness. They offered to buy her coffee. One last thing.....we begin our prayerwalking and servant evangelism tomorrow (Monday). Today has been very HOT and taxing. Our feet and backs hurt and we have sweat buckets, but our joy cup is overflowing. God's grace is so sufficient.!!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Flexibility is the Name of the Game!!

Things got off to a great start this morning. We actually were ahead of schedule. For those of you who know me best, know what a miracle that was. We stopped in Kentwood, LA on our way to the airport in New Orleans and my parents met us there to pray for us. My dad also offered up some suggestions since he has been on a NYC mission trip before. My sister laughed and said, "Celeste, you asked him to pray not preach, right?" What can I say, the Cade's are long winded. Unfortunately in New Orleans we suffered two flight delays. We were suppose to be in NYC by six, but didn't get here until about 8 p.m. Apparently, the weather was a factor. We were disappointed that we missed the prayer service at Mosaic. We did however have a very adventurous cab ride to Jersey City. Please pray for our cabbie. When he asked why were here Heidi told him we were here to help Mosaic share about Jesus Christ. He then asked us then if we were born again. He did say he was born again, but did say his religion teaches about Jesus Christ born by the virgin Mary. Tomorrow morning we will assist with the children's ministry at Mosiac. We appreciate your prayers and support. Don't forget to send us your words of encouragement! We hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!!!!!!!

Friday, July 15, 2005

My Vision Journey-Part 2

I have had several people ask me these last few days how I came to desire to go on mission to NYC. Here's the short version. Well, short for me! In August 2004, I was at FBC Panama City Beach, FL with some friends and picked up a Christian Singles Magazine. The girl on the cover had graduated from Mississippi College, my alma mater, and had become an "accidental" missionary to NYC. She works at Mosaic Manhattan. I just couldn't get NYC off my mind after reading that article. Then, in October 2004 our church had a Global Impact Celebration. The missionary that was assigned to our class by "accident" I might add, had so much information to share about the Southern Baptist Convention/North American Mission Board initiative New Hope New York. Only a few weeks later I "accidentally" got invited to participate on the Vision Journey to NYC. So many amazing things have happened along the way to get us to this point. I praise the Lord for what He has done! Now, it is July 15, 2005 and tomorrow we will leave to work for a week with Mosaic Manhattan. Of course, none of this was an accident. Remember, God is in control. He has a plan and purpose. Jeremiah 29:11. It's just one of those things you know in your heart God is leading you to do. Do you have any situations similar to mine that you wouldn't mind sharing? It is always encouraging for me to hear testimony how God is working in and through His people.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

My Vision Journey- Part 1

In November 2004, I visited NYC on a Vision Journey through NAMB. Even though the desire to go on mission to NYC had been in my heart months before, this is where this journey truly began. The photo featured in this post was taken during a prayerwalk around the WTC site during the Vision Journey. You may recognize this landmark. It was two beams that stood up through the destruction of the WTC on September 11. I am not so sure what New Yorkers think of this cross, but for us believers it should be a reminder of the salvation, freedom and hope was have in Jesus Christ. Our host church next week, Mosaic Manhattan, is only blocks from the WTC site and serves the people of the downtown/financial district of NYC. The church began after the tradgey of 9/11. Pray for the Mosaic Manhattan staff as they minister and that God would call out others just like us to go and help them in this great task.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Celeste in the Big Apple

Celeste in the Big Apple Well friends, just two more days until we leave to work with Mosaic Manhattan Church. It has been an incredible journey. I am so looking forward to what God has in store for us next week. Please keep us in your prayers. A few immediate requests: Travel logistics- Our team will be traveling in two groups. One group will fly out of New Orleans Saturday, July 16th and the other group will fly out of Jackson on Sunday, July 17th. Also, the traveling from the airport into Manhattan can be crazy. We also want to you pray for our host church Mosaic Manhattan. They are looking to relocate, but are needing a miracle from the Lord to accomplish all they believe He wants them to do. Also, they are beginning a weekly Saturday night prayer service beginning the Saturday night we arrive. We want so much to participate, but it will depend on if our flight arrives in time. Well, it is very late on Wed evening or to be more accurate very early on Thursday morning and I need to sleep. I will use this blog to keep you all updated from now through the trip. Feel free to email me and post your comments. I hope to add pictures throughout the week as well. Thanks for your support.

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