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Friday, September 29, 2006

Mo'Heights Missions

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Update--One Month Later

It is so hard to believe that it is exactly one month today since we flew the friendly or as it seems these days the not so friendly skies to NYC. When we began our journey several of the team members had personal prayer requests mostly job related. We sought out friends to intercede on their behalf to help them not be distracted while in NYC. Since then God has blessed Emily with a job. She has moved to Memphis and has begun teaching. Allison is still seeking the Lord while she waits for Him to provide a job for her. I am sure she would greatly appreicate your prayers. It won't be long before the students return and Heidi says that the preparation is getting done. Please pray for the staff and students as they begin a new year. Missy has begun her new job and all seems to be going well. As for me, I jumped right back into life in Mississippi and have lots of projects going. One of the most exciting projects is the Global Impact Celebration, September 28- October 1 at Morrison Heights Baptist Church. It will be a weekend focused totally on missions and understanding ways we can be involved. We have missionaries locally, from Mississippi, throughout the USA and the world coming to share with us what God is doing and how we can be involved. I am hoping we may have a friend from Mosaic Manhattan join us for the event. I spoke with our friends at Mosaic Manhattan recently and they shared with me that the Summer Spectacular camp was wonderful. They are putting together pictures and a video they hope to get to me soon. I will post the pictures when I get them. Finally, today I got "The Inside Track" newsletter from New Hope New York. Andrew Wideman who served as a summer missionary with Mosaic is picture in there. You have already seen him pictured in the slideshow on my blog. Click here to read the newletter. Thank you for reading my blog and your support of missions! Joyfully--Celeste

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Message from Jael

Celeste, Please let your team know how grateful and thankful I am for all your hard work. Your posters were a huge hit at today’s kick-off for the Summer Spectacular. We had so many comments on how amazing they looked. Please carbon copy this email to the team and let them know they are celebrities in New York. Thanks again, Jael Williams P.S. I truly miss your team (I really do)